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Services We Offer

We are very proud of our automated features and owner portal that can be made available around the clock. At any time, financial balances showing monies owed or collected throughout the day can be obtained. We offer an online payment system to our tenants in order to provide them with the convenience of paying rent from home. Along with this facet, we also offer a team of experienced accountants who are ready and willing to answer any financial question, from either owner or tenant that may present itself during normal business hours.

To save costs, we have vendors available to provide quality, proactive, and timely maintenance for your property. By utilizing the connections that our maintenance department has with top-notch repairmen, electricians, plumbers, etc., we are able to control the costs for you and get things taken care of in a timely manner. We provide our tenants with the number to our repairs helpline for after-hours emergencies. Our goal is to promote long-term tenants and less turnover. So, making sure your property is kept in both safe & habitable conditions is our number one goal.

We provide an in office property management team to assist in the day to day responsibilities that come with renting/out a property. Property management deals with both renters and owners alike- therefore, we will screen applicants and run background checks for future tenants all while creating and producing lease renewals for current ones. We will provide tenants with specific dates for rent to be collected as well as strictly enforcing all due dates, late fees, evictions, and current landlord-tenant laws.